C O F F E E   G R I N D E R S

Coffee grinders are one of the most important parts of the espresso making process.  Consistent grinds, even particle size distribution, grind speed and coffee retention are factors which differ between each grinder.

The particle size distribution is the amount of fine coffee grounds to boulders (larger coffee grounds). The more even the grind, the more even the coffee extraction. 

GBS has a range of Coffee Grinders to suit your situation.  Contact one of the friendly team at Global Beverage Solutions for further information on our range of coffee grinders.


MACAP M7A Grinder

mazzer major automatic grinder sydney ca

MAZZER Major Automatic Grinder

Macap M7D grinder

MACAP M7D Grinder

mazzer major electronic coffee grinder s

MAZZER Major Electronic Grinder

mazzer robur grinder

MAZZER Robur S Grinder

mazzer kony s coffee grinder

MAZZER Kony S Grinder