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S C R A E G G  -  I N S T A N T    S C R A M B L E D   E G G S

Perfectly scrambled eggs, porridge, soup and more ... in just a few seconds !!

  • An unprecedented, easy and fast way of preparation through steam.

  • A Constantly growing, healthy and innovative food range.

  • Sustainable accessories and sales- boosting Materials.


Due to the perfect steam temperature, SCRAEGG is prepared particularly gently to ensure that all important nutrients are preserved. The result: customers will come back to order their favourites or try something entirely new.

SCRAEGG started in 2018 with its own development and production in Wiesloch, Germany. The goal: to revolutionize the  foodservice industry and introduce the world to the fastest scrambled eggs ever. But that was only the beginning! Meanwhile, the range has been expanded to porridge, soup an a quinoa lunch-cup.  New product innovations are already on their way!

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