V O L E R E   E S P R E S S O   F T O

Global Beverage Solutions, Volere Espresso FTO (Fair Trade Organic) Espresso Blend is made from 100% Arabica beans. With origins from Peru, Columbia and Ethiopia, this expertly roasted blend – roasted moderately dark – presents medium to strong flavours of dry aroma, earthy, smoked nuts with a malt and mushroom finish.

This Blend because of certification & sustainability, combines some of the best cooperatives from each region that produce excellent coffee.

Fairtrade should Equal “ Fair wages” and to some extent conditions cooperative workplaces that promote & support democracy, educate a consumer about the cultural identity of a farmer.

Organic would promote ecological balance and the materials with practise that does the same. Sustainability should equal quality & consistency.

100% Arabica bean blend, with a mouth feel that is robust & full bodied. Well balanced in acidity with earthy, malt & nutty chocolate aftertaste.